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Feb 20 2008

University = company…why not?

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Tuesday, 19 February 2008.

Being abroad is widened my knowledge and the way of my thinking a lot. I am struggling as a PhD stsudent in Radboud University , Nijmegen, the Netherland. I see the system here is very good, even though it will be very tough for every member of the university. The research here are led as a product of a company and being evaluated every two weeks. The research are planned and conducted under several interests of the department, but it is still under the university major focuses. The Medical sciences of the Radboud University have inflammation, regeneration tissue engineering, nano science…if I am not mistaken, at least there are 5 major research focuses, so every research are conducted beyond these focuses. The outcomes themselves are, of course, international publication articles, along with educational program like PhD, Mastery and undergraduate program

It will be nice to apply such system in Indonesia…but it might be some faculty has applied it already. So far as I know, the research seem are an individual responsibility still, not the department. The only program that being held as the department work is just the educational programm, undergraduate, mastery etc.

Why do I suggest this, because good research are tough works that it needs enough motivation and enthusiasm. the thingsĀ that sometimesĀ are difficult for someone to keep enthusiastic for such a long time unless being monitored directly at least per month as a department product like the educational program does.

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